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Bathing in the Hütten Hills

A wonderful summer by the sea

Lay out a blanket, drop your bag, and go for a swim in the lake! Surrounded by idyllic nature, there is often also a playground for the kids and a barbecue site where you can grill a couple of delicious sausages for sustenance. What a wonderful summer’s day! In the Hütten Hills nature park, you will find lots of these wonderful bathing areas. The lakes of Bistensee, Wittensee, Owschlager See, and Holtsee are in idyllic locations, and in summer, you won’t be able to resist taking a refreshing dip – you can also swim in natural surroundings in the Eider at Borgstedt. No lifeguard is present, and dogs are not allowed. Parking is free.

Bistensee lake – community bathing area smack dab in the center of town

The community bathing area has a bathing pontoon and is located on the northeastern shore of the Bistensee lake. There is a grassy sunbathing area and a children’s playground. Restrooms are located in the “Seeterrasse” restaurant/café, where you can also satisfy your hunger on the lake-view terrace. You’ll want to play a round on the mini golf course. The parking lot is free of charge.

Wittensee lake – bathing in Groß Wittensee

The bathing area is located on the northern shore of the well-known Wittensee, in picturesque Groß Wittensee. It has restrooms, a grassy sunbathing area, a playground, and a large barbecue site for up to 40 people. There is a free parking lot available in the immediate vicinity. Please note that there is no lifeguard supervision.

Wittensee lake – bathing in Sande

The bathing area in Sande is located to the west of the municipality of Klein Wittensee. It boasts a grassy sunbathing area, public restrooms, a playground, and a large barbecue site which offers space for up to 60 people. There is a free parking lot available to bathers. There is no lifeguard supervision.

Wittensee lake – bathing in Bünsdorf

The bathing area in Bünsdorf is on the southwestern shore of the Wittensee. There is a floating pontoon, a water slide, and a bathing island available to swimmers (no lifeguard supervision). You will also find a beautiful grassy area for sunbathing, an outdoor shower, restrooms, and a barbecue site for up to 40 people. Great for kids: There’s a play area, a soccer field, a basketball court, and volleyball field.

Owschlager See lake – community bathing area

This bathing area is located on the eastern shore of Owschlager See lake, south of the municipality of Owschlag. You’ll find a grassy sunbathing area, restrooms, and a play area there. There is also a shelter and a fire pit. There is a free parking lot close by. There is no lifeguard supervision.

Kleiner Holtsee lake – community bathing area

The bathing area in the municipality of Holtsee boasts an attractive grassy sunbathing area, a bathing island, and a playground. Practical features: A shower and restrooms are available. There is also a free parking lot. There is no lifeguard supervision here either.

Borgstedter Enge – bathing in the Eider

You can also take a dip in what was previously the river system of the Eider, not far from the Rader Viaduct. There is a large grassy sunbathing area, a floating pontoon, and a bathing island at this bathing area. There is also a playground, a barbecue site, and a shelter. There is no lifeguard supervision, as is also the case at the bathing areas at the inland lakes.