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Foodie tips for Eckernförde Bay

Great food to make your vacation taste really good

Indulge yourself! Enjoy sitting together and have a glass of wine by candlelight. Tell a story about something that happened during your day while being served delicious food. Whether it’s the Italian place around the corner or a restaurant serving traditional fare:

Eckernförde Bay brings you a diverse range of restaurants with something to fit everyone’s taste. Guaranteed.

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Do you love regional dishes from Schleswig-Holstein where fish and game are on the menu? Or would you rather eat dishes from foreign cuisines? The variety of dishes available is huge. Then in the afternoon you can enjoy a slice of homemade cake in the cozy atmosphere of a farmhouse-style café. And all this is just a stone’s throw away from the Baltic Sea.

Mmmm, so delicious!

Eckernförde market

Feel like cooking with fresh ingredients? At Eckernförde market you’ll find almost any ingredient you could need. . It takes place on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on the Rathausmarkt and Kirchplatz in central Eckernförde.

It’s also held on Tuesdays between 8:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. in “Wilhelmstal” (Lütthorn, south Eckernförde).

Pubs and cafés in the Hütten Hills

In the Hütten Hills, there are numerous pubs and cafés, catering for day-trippers, hikers, and cyclists. There’s something for every taste and budget: Gourmets will find everything they are looking for as will lovers of hearty plain food, not to mention fish eaters, meat eaters, and fans of cakes.

Regional specialties and farm shops

Direct marketing

Many restaurants use locally sourced, high-quality products. You can buy these products yourself too at fish smokehouses, cheesemakers, butcher shops, or farm shops where products are directly marketed. Try Wittensee whitefish, the so-called “Wittensee Gold”, cheese specialties from the Holtsee, or cottage ham from Damendorf.

Here you will find an overview of the providers of regional products and direct vendors. Ham, cheese, smoked fish, or lamb – we’ve got everything.

Foodie Strande

You can enjoy both traditional dishes and regional dishes from Schleswig-Holstein in Strande. In addition to many delicious seasonal and daily dishes, the freshly caught fish which is fried or smoked plays an important role in the menus of Strande.

Gourmets and foodies and also fans of finger food and quick meals will find something to enjoy here, as will connoisseurs of delicious cakes and tarts. Whether you’re enjoying Strande’s range of culinary treats by the fireplace, in a conservatory, while soaking up the beach atmosphere, or on a hooded beach chair: the culinary diversity, and the range of local restaurants where a view of the Kiel Outer Fjord is thrown in for nothing, will appeal to all your senses.

Strande’s fisherman’s jetty – fresh fish almost every day

Freshly caught fish from the Baltic Sea and Kiel Fjord – for many people there’s simply nothing better! In the Baltic seaside resort of Strande, you can get it from the fisherman’s jetty (Strandstraße) right on the harbor. Fish is sold every day from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. When fish is plentiful, sales continue in the afternoon.

Fish can be gutted or filleted in advance on request. Fishing takes place all year round, subject of course to the weather conditions, with the boats not leaving their moorings when strong northerly and easterly winds are blowing.

So, if you want to buy fresh fish, just ask the fishermen on their boats what they’ve got that day or ask in the Seidentoff fish snack bar nearby, as the fishermen like to have a coffee there. Bon appétit!

Fischereiverein Strande e.V.

The Strande fisheries association was founded in 1977. It developed from the former fisheries association of Schilksee – Strande. Today, the association has 40 members, of which 15 are active commercial fishermen with boats moored at the fishermen’s jetty.

Six fishermen set up eel traps in the Strande Bay and Baltic Sea. Fish varieties which are generally caught here include:

Codfish (October to April), flounder and European plaice (May to November), common dab (yellowfin sole), (spring), turbot and brill, sea trout and mullet, herring (spring and fall), sea hare and whiting (early summer). For some time now, mackerels have also been caught and sold, which is positive.

The fish is often caught just a few hours previously in the Baltic Sea and it can be bought right there on the spot where it first came onto the land, for example, at the Strande fisherman’s jetty! Buying fish straight from the cutter is regional, seasonal, fair-trade, and sustainable! It’s better value than buying the equivalent from the freezer compartment in a store, and the person setting the prices is right in front of you!

You can get up-to-date notifications on the catch of the day from the Baltic Sea on the home page: www.fischvomkutter.de. As the first Strande fisherman, Randy Repenning got involved with the project with the “Freya” (STRA 10).

Foodie Schwedeneck

Let Schwedeck’s culinary diversity tempt you! We have lots of restaurants, pubs, and inns with fresh produce from the Baltic Sea and the surrounding areas, and they are all invite you to spoil your taste buds.

There’s the right place for every taste here. Come visit and be inspired by the delightful cooking smells while you walk along the beach or pedestrian zone.