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Setz‘ die Segel (Set sail!)

Water sports in Eckernförde Bay

Let the wind propel you and the water carry you forward – and forget the daily grind. Sailing represents a dream of freedom which more and more people want for their lives. Are you already a passionate sailor wishing to visit the area by boat? We’d be delighted to welcome you, and and we can offer you the perfect guest mooring spot. Or do you want to learn how to sail here and get a feel for water sports? There are lots of sailing schools and supervised trips to welcome you!

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Sailing in Eckernförde

Eckernförde Sailing Club (SCE)

If you’re a water sports enthusiast, Eckernförde is the place for you! If you’re coming here with your own boat, Eckernförde Sailing Club can offer you a guest mooring spot and a modern harbor facility. With 600 members, the club is the third largest sailing club in Schleswig-Holstein.

The SCE also has a strong youth presence. Its commitment to training is not just for its youngest members who sail the club’s own Optis but also for those who wish to progress to larger dinghies. The club has now achieved internationally recognized success.

SCE Infrastructure

The club infrastructure includes approx. 300 moorings on water, approx. 500 winter moorings both outdoors and in four hangars, various club-owned dinghies, working boats, training boats, and boats specifically for young people, permanent employees, dinghy moorings, a youth club, a yacht crane, a barbecue hut, free-of-charge guest bicycles, eating options, and much more. All this is can be found on a large site with lots of parking and large green areas.

SCE Contact

Harbormaster Sven Drewes is delighted to welcome guest sailors, who will generally always find a space at the sailing club.

Eckernförde Sailing Club (SCE)

Am Ort 2, 24340 Eckernförde
Tel.: 04351/486103
E-Mail: info@segelclub-eckernfoerde.de

Eel Regatta

The well-known Eel Regatta is the biggest local event that is organized each year by the club in collaboration with Eckernförde Touristik und Marketing GmbH. It is the biggest ocean race in Schleswig-Holstein and is one of the most important harbor festivals in Eckernförde.


Kumari – catamaran charters

Sailing a catamaran on the Baltic Sea – the Kumari offers all the options for a relaxed vacation: lots of space and comfort for a large crew and the best sailing features for longer trips, for trips with children, and for those who are new to sailing as well. Are you looking to sail with someone else? Or would you like to rent a sailing yacht? Please get in touch!

Traditional sailing boat

Anyone who’d prefer to try out the sport of sailing on a traditional sailing boat will get the opportunity to do that here. Here’s an overview of the traditional sailing boats moored in Eckernförde. Would you like to experience sailing as it was 100 years ago at first hand? Then come along for a cruise.

Water sports in Strande

The Strande area of Kiel Fjord is one of the best sailing spots in the world. Not least because “Kiel Week” has been held here for more than 100 years – it’s one of the world’s largest sailing events. Where the Kiel Bay gets narrower towards the southern end and turns into the Kiel Fjord, the Strande Bay is on the starboard side. It is well protected against westerly storms and offers a good anchorage point for deep-water ships.

In the picturesque harbor of Strande, at the apex of the bay, sailboats from various clubs have their permanent moorings, but cruising sailors are of course always welcome to take a guest mooring here. The municipal harbor offers 348 moorings, seven jetties with electricity and water, sanitary facilities, and the only gas station for boats in the Kiel Fjord.

Harbor master
Tobias Klüter
Strandstraße 12, 24229 Strande
Tel. / Fax 0 43 49 - 89 88

One of the most challenging sailing spots in the world

When it comes to sailing, Strande is of course the gold standard: Within just a few minutes from casting off, you find yourself in one of the most challenging sailing areas in the world. If you prefer things a little calmer, take a right (starboard) and sail peacefully into the Kiel Fjord whilst drinking your coffee.

If you like things a bit more energetic, then take a left (portside) past the Bülk lighthouse and Stoller Grund where you’ll have to contend with wind and weather. And finally, past the Kiel lighthouse in a north-northeast direction, are the “Danish South Seas” with their wonderful islands as well as Marstal, which is 25 nautical miles away on the Danish island of Aeroe and which represents a challenging and attractive destination for any cruise sailor. Vacationers can also book sailing courses on a dinghy at Kiel-Schilksee sailing school.

Strande’s sailing clubs:

Yachtclub Strande

Am Deich 1, 24229 Strande
Tel. 04349 / 8511

Kieler Yacht-Club

Strandstraße 8, 24229 Strande
Tel. 04349 / 913927

Sailing a catamaran in Schwedeneck

Schwedeneck is an outstanding area for sailing, in particular for catamarans. You can learn how to sail a catamaran here or build on your existing skills.  In Schwedeneck, you will enjoy the typical Northern German strong breeze, and get to know a new kind of sailing!

Nordwind Water Sports Center

The Nordwind Water Sports Centers are among the best water sports centers on the North Sea and Baltic Sea coasts and have the most professional equipment. The full spectrum of water sports – from windsurfing to sailing catamarans through to the brand-new trendy sport of kiteboarding – can be enjoyed here. “Fair-weather water sports enthusiasts” will find a wide range of canoes, paddleboats, water bikes, and sit-on-top kayaks. All of the stations have lockable storage rooms, changing rooms, and training rooms.

There are always accommodation options nearby. The Schwedeneck station has four of its own vacation condos right there – they can accommodate groups of up to 30 people.

Segelsport Grönwohld

With professional trainers, top boats, and a personalized training concept, combined with the perfect location in Eckernförde Bay, Gröhnwohld offers the ideal conditions to both those who are new to sailing and professionals. Here, children, young people, and adults can easily have fun learning to sail and enhance their first experiences of water sports on boats such as the Opti, OpenBic, other dinghies, and of course, catamarans too.

Our fleet of Hobie Cats is available to rent for both children and adults. There’s also a wide range of one-man and two-man dinghies which can be rented. The friendly and experienced team of trainers guarantees to provide a high-quality service, with a constant focus on fun and safety both on land and on water. A specially developed concept with all-day day care for children during the summer vacation rounds off the program.

Thanks to the perfect location right by Grönwohld campsite’s beach, accommodation for various budgets and group sizes can be arranged, either self-catered or fully catered, or a full package can be provided.

Water sports in the Hütten Hills

Would you like to sail on one of the largest inland lakes in Schleswig-Holstein? Or would you rather row out onto the idyllic Bistensee lake and enjoy the peace and quiet? Or maybe you’d like to discover the Schirnau river on a canoe? In the Hütten Hills nature park, there’s something for everyone who loves water sports.

Wittensee lake

  • Size: 3.9 square miles (3.1 miles long, 1.2 miles wide)
  • Depth: up to 65 feet (depth in the middle: 32 feet, deepest point: 67.5 feet)
  • Formation: approx. 20,000 years ago as a result of a glacial advance which carved out a glacier basin lake, which is why the lake is almost rectangular.
  • Sailing, surfing, and fishing are permitted
  • Only members of the state association for diving of S-H are permitted to dive
  • Motorboats (with the exception of training boats) may not operate on the lake

Wittensee Water Sports Club

  • Target group: Children, young people, adults
  • Courses: Courses for children and young people on Optis and dinghies designed for young people, trial weekend courses for children and adults, SPOSS sport sailing licenses, regatta training
  • Regattas for various categories of boats
  • Club boats: 15 Optis, 2 Laser (standard and radial), 3 VB dinghies, 5 420s, 2 470s, 2 29s, 1 505, 1 Windy, 1 Hobie 16
  • Guests – sailors, canoeists, and paddlers are all warmly welcomed


Rendsburger Straße 19b, 24361 Groß Wittensee
1. Vorsitzender: Oliver Holste
E-Mail: administration@wscw.de

Boat rental

Feel like taking a tour on a boat? Then rent a rowboat and off you go! Day price €15.00, weekly price €60.00. Individuals are responsible for their own safety (life jackets, etc.) Have fun!

Arne Bening, Fischerei Sande, Sande 9, 24361 Holzbunge
Tel.: 04356 - 327


  • Size: 0.6 square miles (1.8 miles long, 0.3 miles wide), depth: up to 45 feet
  • Formation: approx. 20,000 years ago as a result of glacial meltwaters carving out channels
  • Idyllic location, plenty of fish with a distinctive reed belt
  • Sailing, surfing, rowing, paddling, and fishing are all on offer (note that there is a protected period during the bird breeding season!)
  • Motorboats aren’t allowed on the lake

Wassersport auf dem Bistensee

Boots-Tour auf dem See – bist Du dabei? Wir vermieten 15 Ruderboote (bei Bedarf mit Elektromotor) und 2 Segelboote (Trainer). Preise auf Anfrage, Reservierung erforderlich.
Wassersport mit eigenem Segel-, Paddel-, Ruderboot oder Surfbrett, Kosten: 1,00 € pro Tag.


Torsten Jarck, Fischerei und Campingplatz Bistensee,
Uferweg 16, 24358 Bistensee.
Tel.: 04353 - 436, Fax: 04353 - 486
E-Mail: torsten.jarck@bistensee.de