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Let’s go to the seaside! Beach life in Eckernförde

That vacation feeling at the Baltic Sea

Your kids are digging in the sand while you curl up with a good book in a hooded beach chair. All around you there’s nothing but children’s laughter, the sound of the waves, and the fragrance of sunscreen. Leave your cares behind on this magnificent sandy beach – that’s how wonderful a vacation can be! And not only that: Eckernförde offers the “complete package.” A lively old town and a romantic harbor are practically just around the corner. From the peaceful beach life on the wonderful 2.5 miles of sandy beaches to the exuberant nightlife or the fascinating boat trips – everything’s just a few steps away. This rare combination makes our traditional Baltic seaside resort particularly charming.

Beach, sports, and games

Children can play to their heart’s content on the long, fine sandy beach and splash and swim in the shallow waters of the Baltic Sea.

Adults can please themselves according to their mood and either laze about or play some sports. Whether it’s sailing or surfing, boat trips, beach volleyball or basketball, giant chess or mini golf, cycling, hiking or Nordic walking – in Eckernförde, your vacation’s sure to be an unforgettable experience.

You will find more information about sporting activities here!


Water sports center

The water sports center on the main beach in Eckernförde at the DLRG station offers trial courses, mini courses, and basic courses in windsurfing, stand-up paddling, and catamaran sailing.

Sections of the beach

The perfect beach for your perfect day by the sea! In Eckernförde, we have various different sections of beach providing you will exactly what you’re looking for. One area is the “active beach” area where you can have fun playing beach basketball, for example.

Dogs will fully enjoy the area of the beach designated for dogs. In all other areas of the beach, it is forbidden to bring animals (whether dogs, cats, or horses) from April 1 through October 15 of every year.

We do of course also have several sections of the beach with hooded beach chairs which invite you to spend a peaceful day at the beach, and a special highlight for children is that we have several play areas on the beach too. There is also the option of renting barbecue sites right on the beach.

Lost child bands

We are here for you: At the DLRG or Tourist Information, you can get complimentary lost child bands where you can write your child’s name and your cell phone number. This means your family can be reunited quickly. If your child gets lost, the DLRG will of course assist you with your search.

DLRG – bathing rules

Safety is paramount – especially when you’re frolicking around in the sea. Most children love water and love playing in it and splashing around. But water can also be dangerous. That’s why the DLRG bathing rules exist for everyone’s safety. You can help by assessing your personal capabilities and behavior so that nobody gets hurt.

Important note:

Barbecue sites MUST be reserved in advance. Eckernförde Tourist Information:
Tel.: +49 (0)4351 - 71790 or via e-mail

Please leave the barbecue site clean and don’t play music too loudly, in order to be
considerate of other beach users.

Barbecue sites in Eckernförde Bay

Delicious barbecued sausages on the beach – sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Eckernförde Touristik und Marketing GmbH has set up three barbecue sites right by the southern Eckernförde beach for families and groups. Here, you can enjoy sitting together, eating a sausage, and looking out over the wonderful view over the Baltic Sea, the beach, and the Altenhof cliff-lined coast.


Fees: 25,00 € / 35,00 €
(payable up to seven days after reserving the barbecue site)
Deposit: 60,00 € (payable when you collect the keys)


You can cancel your barbecue reservation for free up to seven days in advance.

You can obtain the keys for the barbecue pits from the Eckernförde Tourist Information on the day of your reservation from 11:00 a.m. onwards. You must return the key by 10:00 a.m. at the latest on the following day.

Hooded beach chairs

In Eckernförde, the hooded beach chairs are already out on the beach over Easter, waiting for the first sunseekers of the season. The chairs stay on the beach until September 18.

We provide a service for disabled people who struggle to walk and wheelchair users: The hooded beach chair can be reached via wooden planks from the promenade. You can obtain further information here.

The hooded beach chairs are only available to rent from Tourist Information. They will give you the keys to the hooded beach chairs. Once the rental period has elapsed, the keys to the hooded beach chairs can be placed in the designated boxes at the entrances to the beach.

You can reserve the beach chairs for a rental period of one week or more. (Hooded wheelchair beach chairs can also be rented by the day). Unfortunately, things get very busy in high season. This means that we cannot guarantee a hooded beach chair despite a reservation (a delay of one to two days may occur in exceptional cases).

Hooded beach chair prices

Hooded beach chair rental for half a day (until and from 2:00 p.m.) €5.50
(mornings only: + €15.00 key deposit)
Hooded beach chair for a day 7,50 €
Hooded beach chair for a week 45,00 €

Attention! Reservation 3 days in advance and only for weekly periods.

Please indicate the period you wish to rent the hooded beach chair for, and if you already know which area of the beach you prefer, then please provide this too. The key must be collected by 11:00 p.m. at the latest on the day of your reservation, otherwise the reservation will be canceled.