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Getting there and parking in Eckernförde Bay

Getting to your vacation destination by the Baltic Sea

This is how to get to Eckernförde and the Hütten Hills

Getting there by car and electric car

Route planner

Access the route planner here: Visit the website

Information about arrival using the A7

Dear Drivers and Passengers,

The works on the A7 highway between Bordesholm and Hamburg Northwest being carried out by the project company Via Solutions Nord are progressing rapidly. This 40.3 mile stretch is divided into eight construction sections. Four of the eight sections have already been completed. Info flyer (PDF)

Parking in Eckernförde

Here you will find a list of all the public parking spaces in the vicinity of the town center and near the beach: visit the website

Parking for electric cars in Eckernförde

Here you can find a list of public parking spaces with chargers for electric vehicles in Eckernförde:

  • Elektro Schröder, Gaehtjestr. 5
    (Access to the customer parking lot is only possible via Noorstraße),
    Connector: 1 x type 2, 11 kW
  • Nord-Ostsee Automobile, Rendsburger Str. 54-56,
    Network: NewMotion,
    Connector 2 x Type 2, 11 kW
  • Solarteam Ostsee, Marienthaler Straße 9 a,
    Connector: 2 x Type 2, 11 kW, 1 x Shockproof
  • Noorstraße parking garage (opened Summer 2017), Noorstraße,
    3 charging poles with 6 x 22kW,
    visit the website

Traffic jams

Here you can find information about areas of the region where traffic jams are possible: Visit the website

Rental cars

Here you can find information about current car rental offers:

Directions from the north

Directions from the south

Directions to the town center

Getting there with an RV

Campsite at Noor

There is a new campsite for RVs in Eckernförde. It is best to access it using the B76 and B203.

Getting there by train

Discover the most beautiful destinations using the Schleswig-Holstein regional railroad – it’s comfortable, environmentally friendly, and affordable. We have around 800 trains which will take you to Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg, and the Lübeck-Lüneburg line in Lower Saxony. Practical solutions such as the Schleswig-Holstein tariff or the Schleswig-Holstein ticket will take you from coast to coast in comfort, traveling through the beautiful landscapes in between. Timetable information, tickets, and other information are available on our website.

Timetable information

Click here for Deutsche Bahn timetable information for the Schleswig-Holstein region:

You can find out about long-distance bus links here (GoEuro):

Getting there by bus

Eckernförde local transport

Stadtverkehr Eckernförde provides local public transport. Visitors to the area can travel in the area free of charge all year round with a valid ostseecard:

Free bus transport in Eckernförde (PDF)
Map of the town’s bus routes (PDF)

Timetable information

You can find the local timetable information for Schleswig-Holstein here: Visit the website

You can get to us using the following bus routes:

  •     3010 Eckernförde - Damp - Kappeln
  •     3030 Rieseby - Missunde - Eckernförde
  •     3031 Fleckeby - Hummelfeld - Kosel - Fleckeby (Eckernförde)
  •     3040 Eckernförde Rieseby - Lindaunis
  •     3050 Eckernförde - Rendsburg (Schnellbus)
  •     3060 Eckernförde - Haby - Holtsee - Eckernförde
  •     3070 Eckernförde - Owschlag
  •     3080 Surendorf - Noer - Eckernförde
  •     4810 Flensburg - Schleswig - Eckernförde - Kiel

You can find out about long-distance bus links here: Visit the website

Long-distance transport

If you are traveling to the region from further afield, you can also get to Eckernförde using long-distance buses:

Getting there by plane

Flight timetables

If you are traveling by plane, you can find the flight timetables here:

Getting to Strande

Getting there by car

From the A7, join the A 215 in the direction of Kiel. From there, take the B 76 (exit for Olympiazentrum Schilksee) via the Kiel Canal. Exit at Schilksee and take the B 503 to Strande.

Getting there by bus

Bus routes 501, 502, 901, or 33 travel from Kiel Central Station to Strande. During peak season, buses depart every 20 minutes.

Getting there on the Förde steamer

During the summer months (May to September), you can travel from Kiel city center/train station straight to Strande. The journey time is approx. 1.5 hours.

Weekday arrivals: 11:00 a.m., 2:30 p.m., and 8:00 p.m.
Weekends and public holidays: 11:28 a.m., 12:33 p.m., 4:38 p.m., and 6:18 p.m.

Getting there by train

You can get to Kiel Central Station via train and continue your journey by bus or steamer.

Getting to Schwedeneck

Interactive map

Use our interactive map to get to your destination.