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Kiteboarding and surfing on the Baltic Sea

Hot spots in Eckernförde Bay

Do you love to ride the waves? To experience the sensation of freedom? Then there’s nothing like hopping on a board and going off to the Baltic Sea. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced surfer – conquer Eckernförde Bay on your board! Shallow water, the perfect wind strengths, the top locations, and lots of surf schools, which also offer the best start for beginners. Welcome to the region’s hot spots!


High winds and wonderful views: The windsurfing spot at Eckernförde not only attracts professionals with its fantastic conditions, beginners can also learn to surf step-by-step here.

Eckernförde offers another trendy form of sport: stand-up paddling (SUP)! This form of sport is very popular with surfers and kiteboarders and is fascinating more and more people who play sports for fun.

Nordwind Water Sports Center

The water sports center on the main beach in Eckernförde at the DLRG station offers trial courses, mini courses, and basic courses in windsurfing, stand-up paddling, and catamaran sailing. You will find the dates on the home page.

Fun station at Hemmelmark campsite

At the fun station, you can try out windsurfing, stand-up paddling, and banana boats. The fun station is the new base camp of the Eckernförde surfers’ association, which can be contacted at ...
Tel.: 0157 - 36947957 or 04351 - 667390

Spot check of Eckernförde

“In the early summer and fall, a thermal lift is created. The bay becomes narrower towards the end – a jet effect,” explains an Eckernförde local, describing the advantages of his home turf. “This is a great spot, waves break on the sandbanks and can even be waist-high sometimes,” raves Torsten Harfst, a surfer. This is how the optimal conditions are created for a longboard wave in Kiekut.

Overview of the spot

  • wavy when eastern winds are strong
  • jet effect with an easterly wind
  • kiteboarding, windsurfing, and surfing
  • parking lot located right by the beach (subject to fee)
  • surf school
  • beach bar
  • restrooms

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In Strande, this stomping ground for windsurfers is right on the doorstep: The Kiel Outer Fjord by Strande is one of the best places in the world to sail and surf. It offers the ideal training conditions for windsurfers. Ameli Lux, former surfing world champion, used to always train here.

Surfing champs are at home in the area stretching from the surf-beach kiosk through to the Bülk lighthouse, where they can find outstanding surfing conditions in Strande Bay.

Beginners have the option of learning this fantastic sport in the surrounding surf schools. This allows them to learn in groups or in individual training sessions. SC Kiel is our permanent guest here in Strande and members receive training here.

Surfclub Kiel e. V.

Postfach 4211, 24041 Kiel

Tel. 0431 - 79949765
E-mail: info@surf-club-kiel.de

Nordwind Wassersportcenter

Strandstraße, 24229 Strande (behind the beach bistro "Das Kaiser")
Tel.: 04346 - 5955
E-mail: info@nordwind-wassersport.de


Katamaran & Surfschule Kiel
Falkensteiner Strand 87, 24159 Kiel

Tel.: 0431 - 2483872

Spot check of Strande

“When the direction of the wind is right, it’s a great place to surf for anyone who has progressed beyond the beginner stage. It’s a great free-ride spot – even with long fins, it’s not a problem. The water by Strande is deep, and the easterly wind blows constantly. And anyone who likes to go out on the water in stormy winds but doesn’t particularly like waves, will enjoy the protected situation,” recommends surfer Susanne Ponseti.

Overview of the spot

  • kiosk
  • restrooms
  • parking lot
  • space to rig up and rig down close to the water
  • only for windsurfing; kiteboarding is not permitted
  • functions with easterly winds
  • deep water
  • on-site surf club

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Spot check of Bülk

“A long wave by Baltic Sea standards is bewitching the surfers in front of Bülk. If the easterly wind is blowing strongly, the waves roll in in front of the lighthouse. It then becomes difficult to find a parking space in front of the lighthouse. Kiteboarders whizz across the water, just like the windsurfers. These water fanatics get excited over performing jumps and maneuvers and riding the waves. The waves can barely be long enough or steep enough, as the surfers are all looking for one that works for them.”

Overview of the spot

  • beach pavilion
  • restrooms
  • parking lot
  • space to rig up and rig down close to the water
  • windsurfing and kiteboarding
  • functions with easterly winds
  • deep water
  • dog-friendly

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Whether you’re a professional or beginner, you’ll find everything you’re looking for in Schwedeneck. Thanks to the well-positioned situation of the Eckernförde Bay, everything you could need from an exciting surfing and kiteboarding spot can be found here. The strong winds blowing north to east mean real waves, so nothing stands in the way of enjoying sport to the fullest.

The sandbank also makes this area very suitable for beginners. After the first 328 feet, the beach slopes down gently, creating a nice shallow area. That way beginners and professionals don’t get in each other's way, yet can still share all the fun and enjoyment of surfing and kiteboarding.

Nordwind Water Sports Center

Nordwind Wassersport Center

The Nordwind Water Sports Centers are among the best water sports centers on the North Sea and Baltic Sea coasts and have the most professional equipment. The full spectrum of water sports – from windsurfing to sailing catamarans through to the brand-new trendy sport of kiteboarding – can be enjoyed here. “Fair-weather water sports enthusiasts” will find a wide range of canoes, paddleboats, water bikes, and sit-on-top kayaks. All of the stations have lockable storage rooms, changing rooms, and training rooms.

There are always accommodation options nearby. The Schwedeneck station has four of its own vacation condos right there – they can accommodate groups of up to 30 people.

Nordwind Wassersport Center
Zum Kurstrand
24229 Schwedeneck
Tel.: 04308 - 183111
Fax: 04346 - 5965
e-mail: info@nordwind-wassersport.de

Water Sports Schwedeneck

Wassersport Schwedeneck

Bernd Kascha
24229 Schwedeneck
Tel.: 04308 - 183351
Fax: 04308 - 189973
E-mail: info@wassersport-schwedeneck.de

Spot check of Surendorf

“For a while, I only went out here before I started going to other spots.” Initially, Luise Gnutzmann enjoyed having these two sandbanks in front of the coast available to her for practicing. She also always felt safe because the local surf school always kept an eye on beginners and in an emergency could assist with a motorboat. The 23-year old student now enjoys her home stretch of water the most on the days when the wind is blowing from the north, northeast, or northwest.

Overview of the spot

  • large entrance corridor
  • DLRG station
  • restrooms
  • water sports station
  • parking spaces relatively far away
  • campsite

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Spot check of Lindhöft

“This is a great spot. In the summer it’s not too choppy, and there’s a shallow area in between,” Thomas Gäthje describes his home turf and goes into raptures when he thinks about the clear water which also give a good view of the ground. He uses the shallow area to practice tricks. You have to drag your stuff along the beach a little before reaching the water sports zone. Then it’s just a case of getting past a few rocks on the way into the water, and then the fun can begin.

Overview of the spot

  • paid parking lot spaces which can be overcrowded in summer
  • sandbanks
  • restrooms and kiosk
  • you must remain within the water sports zone and avoid the area immediately in front of the parking lot
  • kiteboarders and windsurfers on the water
  • when the wind comes from the south, it is very gusty, blowing offshore

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Spot check of Grönwohld

“When the sun is shining, you can see everything on the other side of the bay,” raves Meike Jacobsen. “It’s reassuring when you can see land all around.” Some surfers also use this stretch to cross the bay. But it’s too far for this windsurfer. She enjoys the cozy, local atmosphere in her “surfing home.”

Overview of the spot:

  1. campsite with restrooms
  2. parking lot relatively far away
  3. sandbank and shallow water
  4. narrow beach when the wind is easterly
  5. dog-friendly
  6. a spot for all levels
  7. eateries at the beach

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Windsurfing-Club Wittensee-Rendsburg e.V.

Postfach 214
24756 Rendsburg

Hütten Hills

Wittensee lake, in the Hütten Hills nature park, covers an area of 3.8 square miles and is an attractive inland surfing area which came into existence during the Ice Age. Wittensee lake is suitable for beginner and advanced surfers alike. As there is only a small shallow area, it’s a good idea to have mastered water starts. You can find places to launch on the northern bank at the Habyer Straße bathing point (Groß Wittensee) when the winds are easterly and at the bathing point at Sande on the western bank (Klein Wittensee) when the winds are westerly. Free parking is available.

Spot check of Wittensee lake

The “Wittensee” spot can be found between Rendsburg and Eckernförde. Wittensee is an inland lake (> 65 feet deep), parts of which experience gusty winds, so it is more suitable for advanced surfers as there is only a small shallow area. It’s an advantage if you have mastered water starts for this reason. Good access and free parking are available. Conditions at the spot: Choppy waves which can be very strong as a result of shallow areas in the lake when winds are high and which lend themselves to jumps. Optimal wind: SW, NW (Haby windsurfing point) and SE, NE (Sande windsurfing point).

Dangers: There are some rocks and also old boat mooring lines in the water but they are generally easily recognizable. Care must be taken around the islands and in front of the point in front of the WCWR club, between the official surfing point and the bathing area (Gr. Wittensee-Haby) and Bünsdorfer Spitze. There are pronounced rocky sections and shallows in those areas!

Source: http://devil-line.de/reviere.html