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Schwedeneck beaches

Water sports and fun for the kids and dogs

Welcome to the Baltic Sea paradise! Schwedeneck’s beaches are the most diverse in the whole region. Cliff-lined coastlines, wonderful bathing, dog beaches, and areas where you can play water sports – what more could you wish for?

Water sports center

Hop on your board, get ready, go! The water sports center on Surendorf Beach offers you a wide range of different water sports. You can learn how to windsurf, sail a catamaran, and kiteboard. If you aren’t yet sure which type of water sports is right for you, the Nordwind Water Sports Center in Surendorf offers you free trial courses.

Play areas on the beach

If the children are happy, the adults are too! There is a nice playground right by the beach in Dänisch-Nienhof. Kids can play on various pieces of equipment right by the beach in Surendorf – with their toes in the sand.

Public restrooms near the beach

In Surendorf, you will find public restrooms right by the beach by the wellness center next to the Tourist Information. There is another public restroom in Dänisch-Nienhof behind the “Strandhaus” (a restaurant).

Hooded beach chairs

What would a summer be without a hooded beach chair? On the nice, wide Kurstrand beach in Surendorf, you can rent a hooded beach chair and make your day by the beach an even more relaxed affair. Hooded beach chairs can be rented from Tourist Information which is located right by the beach.

Our opening times

From May 1 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily
From June 1 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily
From September 15–30 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily

Otherwise, you can rent a hooded beach chair in Dänisch-Nienhof from the “Strandhaus” (restaurant).

Strandstraße 24, 24229 Dänisch-Nienhof

Sections of the beach


Towards Stohl, the cliffs get increasingly higher, the view opens up, and on clear days, you can even spot Danish islands when out walking. The beach in Stohl is a free-of-charge natural beach and also has an area where dogs are permitted. A paid parking lot is approximately 1,640 feet away.

Dänisch Nienhof

The Kurstrand beach, where an admission fee is payable, is wide and the water by the shore is shallow – perfect for younger beachgoers, as is the fabulous playpark. Next door, in the restaurant right by the sand, you can eat well or just have a coffee in the glazed outdoor terrace, protected from the wind but with an unrestricted view of the beach and the sea.

There are public restroom facilities and a mini golf course nearby. In Dänisch Nienhof, you can also sunbathe in a hooded beach chair. There is a paid parking lot approx. 820 feet away.


The sound of the waves, the caws of the seagulls, and the chirping of the birds in the woods – this heavenly combination will be music to your ears when you’re taking a walk or visiting the Hohenhain natural beach, for which there is no admission fee. Restroom facilities are available here, and you can even go diving. There is a paid parking lot approx. 820 feet away.


On the promenade, by the wide, fine sands of the Kurstrand beach, you can take a wonderful stroll. Swimming, walking, looking out to sea, and in particular the fresh Baltic Sea air naturally make you hungry. You can get a delicious bite to eat in the restaurant or at the beach kiosk, which has a snack bar.

In the neighboring water sports center – with a beach sauna – water-lovers can rent surfboards or paddleboats, take courses, go kiteboarding, and get active in the sea in any way imaginable.

Surendorf Beach also has an area reserved for dogs and a nudist beach. The children can splash about in the shallow water and dig in the white sand to their heart’s content while their parents enjoy the promenade or sit in a hooded beach chair, appreciating the sun, wind, and the sound of the seagulls, or savor a coffee in the restaurant. A paid parking lot is located approx. 492 feet from the beach.


The free beach in Jellenbek, which is right on the cliff-lined coast, is a strikingly beautiful natural beach with its very own charm. Your beloved four-legged friend will be able to run about freely in the 164-foot area for dogs. There is a paid parking lot approx. 820 feet away.