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Schwedeneck: beach, sea, and nature

The coastal region of Schwedeneck is one of the most beautiful areas on the Baltic Sea coast, making families and lovers of nature equally happy. You’ll fall in love with the exquisite landscape – surrounded to the north and to the east by the Eckernförde Bay and the Kiel Fjord. Guaranteed.

You’ll be able to enjoy your time with your family to the fullest on the 10 miles of sandy beach. Digging in the sand, splashing, and frolicking about are a must – and your little ducklings will particularly love doing just that in the shallow shore areas! Schwedeneck boasts six beaches, each one more beautiful than the next.

From the Kurstrand beach, with its promenade and hooded beach chair rental, idyllic natural beaches, beaches where dogs are allowed, to the nudist beach. For those who love water sports: There’s a full range of water sports available including sailing, kiteboarding, diving ...

Do you want to get to know the local area? Let’s go! Experience the magic of Surendorf, Dänisch Nienhof, Jellenbek, Krusendorf, and Stohl, the rolling hills of the inland areas, the partially wooded cliffs, and the splendid manor houses. Schwedeneck offers numerous opportunities to enjoy nature and the surrounding areas on foot or by bicycle.

Your favorite accommodation

All you need for the perfect vacation now is the perfect accommodation. The choice is yours: A vacation home right by the beach, a family-friendly vacation condo, a hostel, or one of the campsites – what will it be?

The region brings together an impressive natural environment and the warmth of the hosts.