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Want to join our hiking tour?

Pure nature in the Hütten Hills

Simply take a break. And do it at one of the many lakes which invite you to bathe, sail, or go fishing. Take a walk in the woods, through blooming hedgerow landscapes. In the Hütten Hills, you’ll be a long away from your day-to-day life – where you can truly enjoy peace and nature.

The landscape in the Hütten Hills nature park is so diverse: Hills and lakes, woods and meadows, moors, inland dunes, and heaths can all be found here. During the last Ice Age, glaciers created so-called “terminal moraines,” measuring up to 328 feet in height. With their partially wooded summits, these “mountains” are reminiscent of a low mountain range – a surprising sight in the far north of Germany! In many places, the typical hedgerow landscape of Schleswig-Holstein is the image of the rural cultural landscape.

Set off on a tour of discovery

In the Hütten Hills, you can enjoy a tour of discovery under your own steam, or you can let committed nature and landscape tour leaders tell you more about the various habitats and all the flora and fauna that live there.

Discover the charming landscape on foot, on your bicycle, on horseback or by motorcycle. High up in the “mountains,” you will be able to enjoy wonderful views of the surrounding areas.

Hiking and cycling in the Hütten Hills

The Hütten Hills nature park is a real paradise for hiking. Here you’ll find information on 20 hiking trails which will take you to every corner of the nature park in all its diversity.

With the routes varying in distance from 1.8 miles to 10.5 miles, we have the right tour for you – whether you just want to take a stroll or are an athletic hiker. These hiking trails, which are designed to loop around, are labeled with the dormouse logo and the trail number and as such can be followed without using a map. For the longer trails, we also show you ways to take shortcuts.

Here, you can download the flyer with all the information on hiking trails in the Hütten Hills:

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