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Strande - pure beach pleasure

Bathing fun for the kids in the shallow waters

Pack your swimsuit: In Strande, you can enjoy a wonderful summer holiday with sun and fun in the sea with the whole family.

The 1,291,669 square foot sandy area with a view of the Kiel Outer Fjord descends soooo gently into the water – perfect for your little water frogs and mermaids. This natural beach features an extended waterline of 1,132 feet and a couple of boardwalks with stairs leading into the water, and a bathing island too.

Natural beach with an admission fee

From June to September, this section is supervised by DRK lifeguards. The swimming area is marked with non-swimmer buoys and buoys designating the supervised section.

The mild, stimulating climate, the air with its salt and iodine content, and the best water quality can be enjoyed free of charge as an added extra! Here, you will find hooded beach chairs for rent and our beach bistros which offer a wonderful view over Strande Bay.

Free beach

The free beach, measuring 48,438 square feet in size and located behind the harbor towards the Schilksee, offers fewer creature comforts. But guests will still find white sand and a 492-foot wide waterline which invites you to bathe in the waters.

Play areas on the beach

Families and children in particular will love to play on the beach: Whilst you relax with your nearest and dearest in your hooded beach chair, little ones can play on the swings or climbing frames – right by the beach. There is a larger play area featuring lots of equipment right by the promenade behind the “Das Kaiser” beach bistro.

Public restrooms near the beach

You can find public restrooms in the following places:

  • in the “Surf Kiosk” (Bülker Weg, 24229 Strande, Tel.: +49 (0)4349 - 8525),
  • in “Das Kaiser” (Das Kaiser, Strandstraße 30, 24229 Strande, Tel.: +49 (0)4349 - 9158440)
  • a restroom for the disabled in the harbor building (Strandstraße 12, key from the Tourist Information).

Hooded beach chairs

As well as private hooded beach chairs, there are also hooded beach chairs for rent on our beach which can be reserved for one day, one week, or even for a season. You can make contact with the following providers:

  • Das Kaiser, Strandstraße 30
    Tel.: +49 (0)152 - 55650212
    Email: mail@daskaiser.de
  • Strand Bistro Bruno, Strandstraße 28
    Tel.: +49 (0)4349 - 9211
    Email: info@bruno.de

If you are interested in having a permanent private hooded beach chair on the beach, please contact the Tourist Information at Tel.: +49 (0)4349 - 290.